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Benefits - such a grey area / minefield

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Rebecca75 · 01/11/2018 11:03

My stbxh is still living in the house and paying the mortgage until he moves out -very soon i hope. I pay the childcare which is the same as the mortgage. We vaguely split the bills...
He has a ltd company as is a contractor in the construction industry but lost his job in September.
When he moves out will he not need to pay any csa as he's out of work?

And are all the benefits calculators the same? I've had a look on one and I am now in a universal credit area.

My income is £30k, I work 40 hrs a week. Household bills Inc mortgage and council tax come to £1200 pcm, childcare another £500 pcm. Apparently im not due any help..... This leaves me with £200 pcm for food, school trips, school dinners, clothes, fuel, and everything else.
I have a bit of money put away in savings for emergencies like losing my job, house emergencies etc. On the calculator if I declare the savings I would get nothing but if I don't declare them I get a tiny bit of help. Wondering if I should put them in my childrens names....

Any helpful advice?? I'm

OP posts:
LadyLapsang · 01/11/2018 23:23

Could your ex look after the children until he is back in work?

MissMalice · 01/11/2018 23:25

Which calculator are you using? Entitledto is the best I’ve found.

I wouldn’t recommend hiding savings. That’s fraud.

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