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Wedding/engagement rings... what should I do with them?

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ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:31

They're not worth a massive fortune but they are both platinum and the wedding ring is set with pink sapphires. Engagement ring has a small princess cut diamond.

I don't want them. They're a reminder of something that went wrong. Don't want to give them to my DD either.

What have you done with yours, post divorce?

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Ragwort · 27/10/2018 09:34

I put my engagement ring in an auction with all the money going to charity.
I have kept the wedding ring as it was actually my parents’ wedding ring (my DF died & DM remarried) but actually I haven’t looked at it for years Blush.

ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:37

The charity element is a lovely idea.

I have my DGM's wedding ring and I actually wear it during testing times. I also wore it when I ran the London marathon. I feel like she's with me when I do.

OP posts:
TheCraicDealer · 27/10/2018 09:38

Your options are-

  • sell privately
  • enter them into an auction
  • reset the stones into another item of jewellery
  • keep in a box and never look at them

A friend had hers reset- it wasn't expensive. If you want jewellery to replace them then that might be a solution.
pumpkinpie01 · 27/10/2018 09:38

I kept my wedding ring as it belonged to my great auntie. I have not got a clue what happened to my wedding ring I’m wondering now what I did with it Hmm . Why don’t you sell them both and do something nice with the money ?

Phillipa12 · 27/10/2018 09:42

I gave my friend who is a jeweller my engagement, wedding and eternity ring along with a design for a new ring, 8 weeks later i collected my new ring, the old rings had paid for my new ring.

ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:43

The money would come in handy as I've just bought a house. I'm not sure how I could even go about selling them - doesn't seem like something I'd want to stick on the local FB selling pages 

OP posts:
ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:44

I think I'd like a jeweller friend Phillipa!

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MarilynsDressOnAVent · 27/10/2018 09:45

Was you DD a product of the marriage? If so, those rings do symbolise something good. I say give them to her.

My mum and dad divorced and it was nasty and bitter and violent at the end. DM gave DSis and I the 3 rings and when it came time for me to marry I had my DM's wedding ring melted down with other pieces of scrap jewellery from my late grandmother (broken chains, single earrings etc) and had my wedding ring made from it. That meant the ugly ring was gone but the symbol of the union that made my DSis and I was now a part of my ring.

pumpkinpie01 · 27/10/2018 09:46

How about going into an independent jewellers see what they say? They should be able to give you a value and some have a second hand selection as well

TeeBee · 27/10/2018 09:46

I might give my engagement and wedding rings to my two nieces.

ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:49

Yes Marilyn, we have DS and DD. I was thinking that it might be nice to use any money made from selling them to benefit the two of them... I just feel a bit sad looking at the rings now.

It took over a year for the indentations to come out of my finger too!

OP posts:
ReginaPhalangee · 27/10/2018 09:51

As an aside, I gave my wedding dress to a friend (who does a lot of fancy dress running events) in a fit of rage when I found out about the OW!

OP posts:
WhatALearningCurve · 27/10/2018 09:57

My sister sold her wedding and engagement ring and with with bought a bracelet that she can give to her daughter one day

xzcvbnm · 27/10/2018 23:15

I sold my wedding ring as scrap gold, you can still get decent prices - check moneysavingexpert for good gold buying companies

sashh · 28/10/2018 10:21

Keep them for your children, have them remodelled for their 18th or maybe their own weddings.

Sell them - lots of jewelers (the independent ones) will buy second hand. If you sell for scrap ask them to return the gems and then your children can have them.

rHave a trip to Birmingham's Jewellery quarter and see what remodelling can do.

ReginaPhalangee · 28/10/2018 11:33

The gems are quite small so probably not worth keeping them... I think I'll start with a valuation. Thanks everyone!!

OP posts:
CherryBlossomPink · 31/10/2018 20:10

My wedding ring wasn’t worth much, I threw it in a lake at a place where our relationship started - was very cathartic and felt the right thing to do.

Kittycat124 · 12/11/2018 08:41

I sold mine. The money is more useful to me

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