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How to move on.

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Veganmamaa · 22/10/2018 22:53

How to move on from my ex of three years. We have a toddler together and that makes it harder. I suffer with severe anxiety but since he’s left I’ve stayed at my mums for a few nights (still here) my anxiety is so so bad I’m so nervous to being on my own at home with my anxiety and loneliness. He’s being so mean and I have every right to be mad at him, but I just can’t I miss him so so much. HELP!!!!

OP posts:
BackInTheRoom · 25/10/2018 01:27

Hi OP. Have you tried getting help for your anxiety?

SandyY2K · 25/10/2018 01:56

Can you avoid contact and communication unless serious child related matters?

For visitation can your mum handover your DC.

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