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Divorce Advice in Bristol Area

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Jlbutler0 · 14/10/2018 22:17

Hi I’ve got a 3 and 5 year old. I’ve been in a very bad marriage now for 5 years. My husband made the decision he will work and I was to be the full time mum. He has controlled me financially for years giving me a monthly allowance that I have to fully survive on and feed the family. He wouldn’t allow me access to a joint account. I’ve racked up about £5k of debts as I literally don’t have enough to survive on. He hasn’t been much of a father to them for first few years of their lives. He’s been a total waste of space never wants to speak to me, quite verbally abusive for years making me feel very low. He denies me of sex refused any intimacy. We live separate lives in the house, I sit upstairs in my bedroom daily to avoid him. I’ve tried recently to source work but he has made this very difficult for me. I am in debt and penniless. I do own a separate home my father (now deceased) helped me buy which I rent out. It’s my safety net oneday. I’m so low and unhappy. I live for my chikdren they and my close mates are the reason I carry on. Seen 30 mins of free legal advice and 45 min free solicitor advice. Both didn’t really help. Been given a list length of my arm of solicitors in bristol but where do I start as I literally do t have a penny to spend. I so want to divorce him and get out for my sanity but he’s threatening me with half custody. I have literally been their sole carer for years he has just done a very minimal job at being Dad. Suddenly now I’ve mentioned Dovorce he wants so much access to the kids. He has barely looked after them ever alone, if I go away he relies on his mother to help. I’m finding it torment thinking about loosing my kids so much, they are my world. How on earth am I meant to find £5k for a big standard divorce let alone £15/20k which I’m told it can go up to if we don’t agree. This man has ruined my life, treated me like dirt, done nothing for me, makes me feel so worthless and I basically want an amazing feisty lady solicitor to get everything I deserve from him. It breaks my heart the idea of loosing/sharing my kids and them regularly being away from me. He wants half custody and at leave half of all holiday times and every other Christmas. This is a man who leaves the house at 8.30 back at 6.45 five days a week. How could a judge give him the access he is fighting me for when he’s never around. He’s a very odd man with no friends. Has anyone got advice on what solicitors are the best in Bristol.

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ShipwreckedUK · 17/10/2018 13:23

Hello, I am in a similar situation at the moment. I don't have any advice for you with regards to finance/solicitors but I am local to your area so if you need to rant at someone impartial going through similar circumstances - I would be happy to connect.

Flower64 · 17/10/2018 13:30

You need some legal advice especially if you own a property (mortgage free?). Most firms do a half hour free advice service, its worth thinking about if there are assets involved.

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