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Wife no longer love me in that way

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Fallingaway · 30/09/2018 23:15

After some views need some more perspective.
My wife of 7 years say she no longer loves me in that way, and can’t help the way she feels. I haven’t changed apparently it’s her.
We have 2 young kids.
What do I do ?
I know what’s she’s like she won’t change her mind. I’ve always been a good husband and father so part of me is really angry she feels this way. I feel my whole married life has been about marking her happy and for what?
I get cross that when I said my vows I meant it and now marriage is not seen as a forever thing not something to work on, but then I feel i’m being harsh and you can’t help the way you feel.
Then I get angry that i won’t get to see my kids everyday.
To be honest the thought of separating is unbearable to me, but I think liberating for her, she will be able to do less parenting go out more see new more exciting men.
It’s fucked with my head. Not the way I planned life to be.
This is a bit rambling.
And how do you even go about separating guess she’s the one who wants to separate so will have to propose something first.
I say wants to but she would say I don’t want this, well then why are you doing it?

Anyway that’s all I have to say about that.

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