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How long does divorce take ?

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bunchybaby · 05/09/2018 14:22

I put my papers in to the West Midlands divorce centre 5 weeks ago .

Today they have called and taken my £550 payment over the phone and said they would be sending the paperwork out in the post tonight .

What paperwork is that and what happens now ?

I know every divorce is different but what the time scale for this to be all over ?

For context: no financials to deal with , kids and access already agreed , stbxh not contesting and will reply in a timely manner to whatever he needs too . I've gone with unreasonable behaviour and stbxh has agreed already the examples used are ok so hopefully no push back from that bit .

What happens now and how long does it all take ?

I'm also a little bit sadder than I expected to be .. that's normal right ?

OP posts:
Lost3478 · 06/09/2018 17:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

liverbird79 · 06/09/2018 17:59

Mine too five months. Same as you. Nothing to sort out just the paperwork.

The gov website explains everything but I can't copy the link.

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