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I feel lost

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Grammarist · 02/09/2018 12:28

I'm feeling very lost, stressed out and lonely.

My husband over the past two years has been increasingly awful to me and very difficult to live with. In some ways, he's great but when it actually comes down to the important stuff he fails.

He lies in all the time.
He goes to the pub all the time.
He's not interested in sex.
He will avoid me as much as possible and will always try to turn round any argument or discussion so that I'm the bad guy.
He never apologises.
He swears a lot in front of the kids and is horrible to me.

Bottom line is that I think he checked out of the relationship quite a while ago but is trying to push me to end it as then he doesn't look like the bad guy.
He will go out if his way to help anyone else but doesn't help me at all.

But all the above was actually vaguely liveable with. However last night I heard him cheating. He was out and didn't put the phone down. So I listened. It didn't sound good.

What do I do and where do I start?
I've got nowhere else to go. He won't leave and we own a house.

Right now I feel very sick and very scared.

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2018anewstart · 04/09/2018 23:20

Please don't feel lonely and scared. There are so many people who are going through the same as you. My advice would be to hold your head up high and ask him to leave. The fact he is not treating you nicely and is now cheating is not a healthy relationship. Get your self respect back. If he has any feelings for you this might be the wake up call that he needs. I've been there so know what it feels like, each day gets a little bit easier once you're out. Xx

Grammarist · 05/09/2018 22:17

He won't leave at all. Resolutely won't.
And I canny as I really have nowhere to go.

It's horrible

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