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Overwhelming Lethargy

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Dogdays123 · 28/08/2018 15:24

There is so much to do and sort and organise. The house is a mess and I need to find a job. Don’t know how I will pay to secure a fair settlement. So much responsibility for children. Worry & Uncertainty about everything. Future housing etc

The last thing I need is to be lying around like a zombie In paralysis. But here I am. Any advice on getting past the immobilisation?

OP posts:
2018anewstart · 28/08/2018 17:35

Take 1 step at a time. Get 1 thing done off your list each day. Go out for a walk get some fresh air. Take children with you if need be. Think of all positives in your life.

Dogdays123 · 29/08/2018 11:36

Thank you x

OP posts:
Tessie56 · 02/09/2018 08:19

I totally understand this. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus even though I want to divorce. It’s all so overwhelming isn’t it.

Hope you’re ok today? I’m going to attempt to start looking at putting together the divorce petition. Absolutely terrified!

Take care.

SupplychainNpton · 03/09/2018 23:20

See your GP.
Depression can be crippling, but. There is help available.Thanks

Notbeingrobbed · 04/09/2018 08:14

Do one thing at a time, take small steps to the bigger goal. It’s a massive change but you can get through it and the people who will support you will emerge.

Pippioddstocking · 13/09/2018 07:20

This stage will come and go in cycles . I just aim for children washed, dressed, taken to school and fed and I consider that day a successs . Anything else is a bonus .
Sending you a huge hug .

AndTheSkyWasAllViolet · 13/09/2018 07:22

I second the suggestion of a walk. I sometimes get like this and a walk does wonders.

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