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I'm the other woman

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JW1226 · 17/08/2018 23:08

Hi all,

My children's father has been living a double life and I'm the other woman.

I have a girl from a previous relationship but he has treated her as his own, a one year old and a baby due next month we have been together for almost three years.
I've recently found out that the love of my life has been in a relationship with another woman for 7 years and they have got married a few weeks ago.
I am In shock. I can't believe it. Why her and not me I don't understand! Also They don't have children. But I guess I'm the other woman this kills me.
He's been trying to worm his way back in however I think he's still with his wife, she's also aware of the double life she said she was getting a divorce but they both went on holiday for a week together. He has seen our children today and was trying to kiss n cuddle me I'm so so confused. It's a horrible situation I just don't understand. I can't trust a soul.

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JW1226 · 25/08/2018 20:53

@Singlenotsingle He said he really doesn't know why. Maybe money sounds terrible but that would make things so much easier to digest as I know people do the craziest things x

OP posts:
heartyrebel · 25/08/2018 21:03

What an awful situation. Stay strong OP

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