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Help finding a solicitor, where do I start?

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Oceandegree · 13/08/2018 20:25

3 years separated, 3 children with me.
Looking to start proceedings but don't know where to start.
Are solicitors higher up in their field more expensive and how do I know?
Crkiey! I know nothing!

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MrsBertBibby · 13/08/2018 20:32

First step is to ask local friends who they (or their friends) used, and whether they were good.

Cost vary, and more senior practitioners tend to charge more than less experienced although some firms just seem greedy. I can't believe how much some of the fancy firms round my way ask, cheeky sods.

Oceandegree · 13/08/2018 20:58

:( I know. I'm so nervous. He'll be outraged!

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