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Financial/responsibility difference between separation and divorce?

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crosstalk · 13/08/2018 19:51

Amiable so far. However neither of us want to remarry and would go for separation so in case of death our pensions would in future continue to each other). BUT are there any other financial implications eg were either of us to run into debt being legally separated would the other be responsible? Would either of us be responsible for each other's care homes etc?

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MrsBertBibby · 13/08/2018 20:34

You need to get proper advice, no one can advise on here. See a solicitor.

crosstalk · 13/08/2018 22:24

Thanks MrsBertBibby. He is a solicitor so your advice is undoubtedly correct. Would anyone be able to recommend a basic website, however?

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RedSquirrelMoonlight · 18/08/2018 02:24

I haven't come across a site that covers it, but would be keen to understand the financial implications too.,

Curious why you've decided to separate, not divorce. I'm considering same, but still on the fence.

undercoveragent · 18/08/2018 10:04

I would also be interested.
I suspect all the finances would be jointly and severally owned so yes we would be equally responsible for debts etc.
I can't imagine in 1000years my dh running up debt but it's still a risk.
Obviously that a just a gut feeling.

As to why. I think it's a better stepping stone for the kids. We don't have to go through a process that may create division. Dh doesnt want a divorce anyway so it would upset him.

waterSpider · 18/08/2018 18:36

First thing is whether you mean 'separated but not divorcing' or actually getting a 'legal separation' or having a separation agreement.

Here are some links from Gov and MAS.

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