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Divorcing while ex partner is in prison

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MidnightNurse · 13/08/2018 01:03

I'm writing this on behalf of a friend who doesn't know where to begin...

She wants to divorce her husband, he is currently in prison for rape (not against her - it is also his second conviction). From memory I think he's been in there for 4 years now, they separated 6 months before the conviction after he committed the offence.

Friend has no/very little money , is there any help available? There aren't any assets but friend does have a pension although I've no idea what that's worth - no idea if he has a pension but doubtful.

Obviously due to the nature of what happened friend is reluctant to have any direct contact with him - there was a history of domestic violence and abuse although this was never reported to the police, obviously friend is feeling VERY vulnerable about tackling a divorce, he is a dangerous man.

Any advice gratefully received!

OP posts:
GreenTulips · 13/08/2018 01:06

Go to citizens advice.

You can get legal aid up to a certain value.

It you give it 6 months she can divorce due to 5 year separation

Solicitor draws to the papers and ex should have a lawyer check them and sign.

I don't think he can protest due to the 5 years, but otherwise could.

Are there any assets?

GreenTulips · 13/08/2018 01:13
GreenTulips · 13/08/2018 01:14

After 5 years they just need an address to deliver the papers- he will need to sign to say he's received them. He doesn't have to agree but he can't contest it.

Before 5 years he can disagree -

£550 legal aid available there's a checker online

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