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East Midlands Divorce Court

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PatheticNurse · 26/07/2018 08:15

Does anyone know how long it is currently taking for this Court to deal with paperwork?

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Fiirefly · 26/07/2018 08:49

I sent my acknowledgement to them in May, a couple of weeks ago they were dealing with it and they've now applied for decree nisi (or however they do it!).
When I phoned to chase whether they've received my acknowledgment they said they're 4-6 weeks behind on paperwork. Hope that helps.

PatheticNurse · 26/07/2018 22:40


So has yours taken 6wks so far?

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PatheticNurse · 15/09/2018 05:33


Still waiting to hear.

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PatheticNurse · 19/09/2018 23:21

Update: my solicitor emailed me today to say they'd contacted the Court and the order went before the Judge on the 23rd August.

She then said the Judge has 4 months to process that. I can't quite believe that l submitted my order on the 29th June but might not hear the decision until December.

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CallMePea · 27/09/2018 22:52

Update for you.. don't hold your breath for a quick response! Had a letter today saying my Nisi application will get processed on the 16th of October.
Months after sending the application off

PatheticNurse · 02/10/2018 19:33

Update: heard from my solicitor today... consent order has been granted. Am so relieved.

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Minniemoosmum · 04/01/2019 11:51

My hearing for Nisi is due on the 10th of January after sending the signed paperwork off to East Midlands divorce court on the 31/08/2018!
Can anyone tell me how long it is likely to be from the hearing on the 10th till I receive my actual divorce as i'm not sure if I need to expect further delays or not now?
Thanks in advance

maloofhoof · 04/01/2019 11:57

You have to wait six weeks and one day from the 10th January, so you can apply for the absolute 22nd February

Minniemoosmum · 04/01/2019 12:14

Thank you. Do you happen to know after I've waited six weeks and a day how long after that till im free? Like will there be further delays if paperwork or judge hearings?

maloofhoof · 04/01/2019 12:22

No there shouldn't be, once you've got the Nisi it's just the formality of waiting the 6wks for the absolute

Minniemoosmum · 04/01/2019 12:39

That's fantastic news thank you so much :)

daughtersmother · 04/01/2019 22:04

I think you/your STBX has to apply for the decree absolute:

lizzieb06 · 15/01/2019 10:29

I received my divorce petition in Oct 2018 and posted off the acknowledgement of service to the East Midland Court Office on the 28th Oct. On the 13th Dec. I was told that they dealing with acknowledgements received 25th Oct. I was also informed that they were not issuing any more petitions because of the arrears of work. My acknowledgement of service was dealt with 2nd Jan. 2019. The petition is issued on line but everything else appears to be dealt with via the postal system. Would not recommend on line divorce petitions until the court offices involved have adequate staff to deal with them.

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