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Separation / divorce how-to books?

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bibblebobblebubble · 15/07/2018 19:15

Hi - DH and I need to separate. Married 18 years, 2 kids. I don’t really know where to start, there are loads of great threads here but I feel I need something to read that tackles the whole thing beginning to end to wrap my head around it.

Can anyone give me a recommendation?

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Ellenisia · 16/07/2018 23:17

Wikivorce is a great site... lots of information there.
I have had a look in the local library and I haven’t found much in the way of books about divorce. I did, however, purchase a DIY divorce and separation kit. I suppose you can get the same info from Wikivorce for free, but I liked to leaf through it and that, along with a couple of initial solicitor appointments, make me feel much more prepared if I decide to take that (huge!) step. Hope this helps!

CommuterBlue · 18/07/2018 03:47

There are many books on the market that will contain chapters that may not be relevant. Many solicitor websites also provide extensive info on the process, but a good place to start is the government site which takes you through each step.

bibblebobblebubble · 18/07/2018 23:24

Thanks both. I know it might sound a bit odd but I’m so anxious about this I feel it would really help to have a physical book to sit and work my way through. Those are still useful resources though and I’ve booked a solicitor appt to get some advice.

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