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Legal Aid Solicitors needed..

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Anaify · 27/06/2018 18:04

My husband wants to divorce me. Pls can anyone recommend any good Legal aid Family/Divorce solictors within the Cheshire Area preferable

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sosickofthisshit · 27/06/2018 21:20

I'm pretty sure you can't get legal aid for divorce in England, only Scotland.

TheFormidableMrsC · 27/06/2018 21:22

Unless there is a reported history of domestic abuse, there is no legal aid unfortunately. I had to self rep my way through divorce/finances and now children's matters. You can try and get through to Rights of Women but my God it's hard.

Anaify · 27/06/2018 21:48



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Anaify · 27/06/2018 21:55


Theres history of emotional abuse, domestic voilence. Police, Social services, GP etc r aware but i didnt press charges.

Do i stand a chance of getting Legal Aid?

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Anaify · 27/06/2018 21:58



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TheFormidableMrsC · 28/06/2018 00:13

Hi OP, it is probably worth enquiring if you have records of this. I would call Resolution in the morning and have a chat with them. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Also, you could try Women's Aid and your local CAB.

Good luck Flowers

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