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Changing name?

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anappleadaykeeps · 23/06/2018 01:00

Does anyone change their name after getting divorced, back to their maiden name?

And do you stay Mrs rather than go back to Miss?

I never thought about it at the time (divorce completed last summer), and just stayed Mrs Apple [ex's surname].

Two children also have the same surname as me & Ex.

Only asking now because ExH (abusive marriage) is apparently furious that I kept "his" name.

OP posts:
Mountainsoutofmolehills · 23/06/2018 01:04

change all the names to your maiden name, or chose another name you all liked, or keep it so that you all have the same name. Make up the rules. Do what you want. And congratulations for divorcing your ex, he has nothing on you now.

Phillipa12 · 23/06/2018 05:10

Well he can be furious as much as he likes, Its not his decision as to which name you use! Ive kept my married name as i want the same name as my dc, its also a dreadful faff changing everything and i really couldnt be bothered.

MyYoniFromHull · 23/06/2018 05:41

I've changed my bank etc to Ms but I'm not changing my name because we have children with the name, and I've had it so long that it's my name now.

HollyBollyBooBoo · 23/06/2018 05:44

You can do whatever you want. There was a long thread on here a few weeks ago debating the pros and cons, might be worth trying to find?

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