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Can we get back together after a year apart?

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Npgd81 · 22/06/2018 14:38

Been split up nearly a year, was mainly his doing by lots of lies and a bit of gambling, I hadn’t been happy for a long time anyway. We have a 3yr old together and I also have a 15yr old and 11yr old. Having issues with my 15yr old with self harm and not eating and I feel very alone and stressed.
When I see my ex I still have feeling for him and fancy him but I can’t imagine us living together again or how things could work.
I have met someone else and do really like him but obviously it’s very difficult when there are children involved. I have managed to change jobs because of the money I saved over the last few months and am now a lot happier in work.
I really do feel stuck, does anyone have any advice

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cricketmum84 · 22/06/2018 15:09

I think it's normal to still have feelings for someone after only a year apart, you can't just switch them off which is what makes it so bloody hard sometimes.

I'm normally a "follow your heart" kinda girl but in this situation I would say trust your head. It sounds very early to embarking on a new relationship too especially when you are so mixed up over feelings over your ex. I would take a step back and focus on the kids for now, especially the eldest who sounds like she needs some extra support at the moment. Thanks

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