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Newbie Just starting going through Divorce

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Mum35x · 05/06/2018 00:46

Hi everyone I thought I would sign up because I'm really struggling at the moment. I've been seperated 2 years, after finding out my stbxh had become addicted to online "stuff". One day my marriage seemed fine and the next my life was blown apart. We have a daughter together who he saw off and on but always left seeing her early to go back online. Then last year he stopped coming and hasnt seen her since. There's so many layers emotionally I'm going through ..there's the shock ..which I've been in for a long time, the grieving for my husband and my friend and constantly worrying if my daughter is ok and will be ok after knowing some of whats happened ( she saw a message from a woman on his laptop, thats how it was found out). On a positive she is doing well at school but we will have to leave our home at some point and my stbxh cant seem to get us out of here fast enough ( had some horrible letters from his solicitor) I try my very best to stay strong but I feel totally ripped apart. I did try and sort it out amicably to which he agree'd then 3 days later got a letter from his solicitor taking all I had said to him days earlier and stabbing me in the back. Its hard for me to accept that the man I was with for over a decade could be so cruel. Sorry for going on its just so hard xx

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