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Final hearing

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longdays · 30/05/2018 00:55

Hello, I posted about my problems with my exh last year (link below)

Unfortunately my ex has continued to manipulate my dd and Cafcass are advising that nothing should change. We have been to court 3 times now including once because my barrister put forward that my ex was domestically abusive to me.

We are in front of magistrates for a final hearing next month. I have a barrister but my ex has self represented each time. I understand that we will be cross examined which I’m dreading especially if my ex questions me. Cafcass will also be there to answer questions from my barrister.

I have been advised by my solicitor that due to Cafcass recommendations (which include my ex having to self refer to a domestic abuser helpline if he feels he is becoming controlling) that it will be an uphill battle and very unlikely that contact will be changed.

My solicitor has advised that by continuing with court now will be useful in the future when my ex starts playing up again.

Does anyone have any advice as to what to expect on the day and whether continuing with court proceedings will be of use in the future?

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longdays · 16/06/2018 00:06

Hi, just bumping this in case anyone can offer any advice or experience?

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