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What was the most absurd or ridiculous excuse that your other half gave you when they decided to end the relationship?

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Karmelita · 05/05/2018 16:54

Hopefully, a thread to rant and rave and relieve feelings.
My STBX had walked out on me before; one of his the excuses was that I did not read the books that had shaped him as a person. This was the first time; on the second time, he said I was not paying enough respects to his parents, meaning I was not in my best dress and looks when we went to see them, but rather was dressed casually and did not wear stunning makeup.
Join in :)

OP posts:
MissWilmottsGhost · 05/05/2018 16:59

That I was immature.

Well yes. I was 15, he was 27. WTF did he expect? Confused

Blushingm · 06/05/2018 07:54

I didnt tell his parents he'd hurt his finger at work - in their words I was 'nothing and didn't exist to them'. Ex was happily sending his work mates pics of his finger and playing on his iPad - nothing to stop him calling his parents

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