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I need help!

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shelentei · 30/04/2018 18:54

I've recently broken up with my partner and I'm currently staying at my parents house but there's not enough room for all of us. How do I go about getting housing etc. I'm really not happy about it but the relationship was unbearable. I live in Hampshire. I have one dc and am currently pregnant.

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MrsBertBibby · 30/04/2018 20:03

What has happened to your home with your partner?

shelentei · 30/04/2018 20:30

It's a private rent with both of our names on it. I'll get mine taken off eventually. He's too stubborn and won't want to leave.

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MrsBertBibby · 30/04/2018 20:37

Unhappily, you can't present as homeless as you still have that place to go to.

The CAB are usually pretty good with housing advice.

shelentei · 30/04/2018 21:08

Yeah I though so. I'll get my name taken off. Or get him to do it. I guess I'll need his permission or something.

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