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Finances after a decree absolute

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mrsdarcey78 · 11/04/2018 00:34

Hi I got divorced in April 2017. I filed for divorce in July 2016 and the ex did all he could to stall or stop it. He refused to sign paperwork, dragged it on, I had to send in bailiffs to serve papers. He hid at his mothers home and got her to say he was homeless and penniless and sofa surfing etc. In the end after 18 years of what was really hell, he was very abusive I went ahead and got the decree absolute. I know this was not the right order but there was no financial order made as I was ill by him being in my life. Has anyone had a financial order made after the decree absolute?. Also I have been unable to find a will he had inheritance from while we were married, I have pension letters up to 2014, not not after as he left in that year but shows the pension and the numbers etc. He left for a lot of reasons, I am disabled and the 3 children are disabled and he left us destitute, he was even willing to cancel the tenancy on the house and see the children homeless. we did luckily not have a mortgage together and I had a fight to keep the tenancy for myself. Has anyone been able to get a financial order after the decree absolute, and would a judge have to order he reveal his savings, pension, inheritance, assets etc as he will not willingly show them. Thank you for any help on this.

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MrsBertBibby · 11/04/2018 06:47

Yes to all of those. As long as you haven't remarried the date of decree absolute is irrelevant.

You can get a copy of the will from the probate registry.

I would however strongly advise you to talk to a solicitor before you issue. Show them everything you know about his finances, to see if they think it's worth proceeding.

Minime85 · 11/04/2018 22:06

Yes me exh and I did ours after the absolute. We still had to declare everything.

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