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SS - do I have a right to know?

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partybags · 03/04/2018 06:50

Eldest dc is severely disabled. We have never had any respite, and with everything being difficult at home (H & I divorcing, all still living in same house as he refuses to leave), I started a family assessment to get help.

Eldest dc then disclosed at school that H has hurt them more than once (I knew relations were strained, I didn’t know he had got physical). School rightly informed social services, and this was added to the referral.

I have spoken to SS a number of times. They have tried talking to eldest dc, but it isn’t easy (learning difficulties). I am awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

I do not know whether they have spoken to H - do I have a right to know this? I have a feeling they are trying to treat it as a standard respite assessment, but the situation with eldest dc goes deeper than that. They also have shown no interest in talking to the other dc - can I insist that they do?

I do not want this swept under the carpet. When H and I finally divorce (and that cannot come soon enough), he will insist on contact, and I want there to be a record of his treatment of eldest, and the knock on effects this has had on the other dc too. I don’t trust him with eldest, but there is currently no “proof” beyond my word, and he claims I am making it up/exaggerating to make him look bad.

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