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Should I be there when he moves out

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Kittycat124 · 14/01/2018 09:32


My soon to be ex husband announced on Christmas Eve that he wanted a divorce and has told me he intends to move out by the end of February (I am charging him keep for this).

My question is should I be home when he moves his stuff out? I feel I should to ensure he leaves his key and that he doesn’t take more than we’ve agreed to.

What experiences have people on this forum had?

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ATeardropExplodes · 14/01/2018 09:33

I think yes, but have a new lock ready to be fitted so that there is no problem with the key.

HRTpatch · 14/01/2018 09:34

I was away on a weekend break and came back to a virtually empty house Shock even though we had amicably agreed on a division of items.

letsdolunch321 · 14/01/2018 09:37

Yes for sure be at the house.

You could experience the tv/other bits gone if you leave him to go on his own accord.

Kittycat124 · 14/01/2018 09:40

I’m thinking of a new door as the present one is quite tatty!

OP posts:
Kittycat124 · 14/01/2018 10:18

Should I move certain items to my parents house?

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