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Confused on which financial order to apply for?

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Mamioftwo · 29/12/2017 17:35

So I'm currently in the middle of a divorce, and I'm applying for financial order.

Just curious to know who has gotten a lump-sum financial order or a periodical financial order? And how the court decides how much the receiver gets? Is it depending on how much he makes or both of us combined..? Because I don't work currently, as I'm a full time student. Also my ex-husband has a lot of debt, but I know he's working 2 jobs (and he doesn't send me a penny for the kids). I'm not sure which one will benefit the kids in the long run.

Thank you. X

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dertyyuoih2 · 29/12/2017 17:39

It depends on equity, savings... if there is no money available then there won’t be a financial order.

Child maintenance is totally different, is that what you are thinking of ? This is based on your ex’s income..

Mamioftwo · 29/12/2017 17:58


Oh right sorry makes sense now. He does have a pension and no savings that I know of. But he's full of lies, so who knows what he does actually have in terms of finances.

Would I be wasting my time if I did file for an order?

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MargoChanning · 29/12/2017 18:08

My understanding from my solicitor (i am at early stages of a divorce) is that you still need a financial order in order to cut all financial ties. Without one, even after the divorce and decree absolute, your ex spouse could try to claim for a financial contribution from you if, for example, you were to come into money. My Stbexh doesnt have any money but i might come into an inheritance at some point, so i need to cut all financial ties with him.

Mamioftwo · 29/12/2017 18:34

Oh I see. Thank you, I have a clearer understanding on this now.


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