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Separated but still trying to be normal - not sure its working

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GeeGaw42 · 18/12/2017 20:30

I instigated the split after living miserably for last couple of years aftervour little girl was born and could only see it getting worse not better. Im trying to keep things good for her sake but I can sense him starting to lose his nice guy act. Its silly things like he doesnt want me to buy the same xmas present as a toy he has at his new place as he wants that to keep it special at daddys which i kind of get as she is very mummy focused BUT he then followed this up with saying he wants her to go to a new nursery closer to his a couple of days a week and thst seeing her twice a week isnt enough. I understand he wants to see her more but she us only two and going to a new nursery will not be good for her. She is very settled where she us and goes full time. I think the only reason he wants to do this is because its easier for him and he isnt yhinking about her. Like with all things. When he moved out it took him 2 months to get her bedroom sorted so she could stay over but every conversation was how much he missed her and wanted her to be there. He bought a desk before he bought her bed. He is always welcome to see her at our house and still has a key. He is staying xmas eve. Im not sure why im.posting really except i find him very frustrating and feel like he bullied me a lot when we were together and he is trying to throw me off now? Telling me what i cant buy yet showing zero interest in the other presents i have bought. He makes snide comments about the house being tidier and is convinced ive met someone else (i haven't) and how 'other people' say things about my behaviour. This one happened again this weekend as he said his mother and 'lots of other people' dont like my cooking.

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Mamioftwo · 26/02/2018 11:21

Hey :)

I'm sorry to hear about you situation. He sounds immature and petty! I think he's may be finding the separation hard, and the fact you two didn't work out. And as a result he's taking it out on you in petty way. All you can do is stay civil, and keep your side smooth as possible. Maybe even have a heart to heart with him over coffee, and tell him how you feel and that you would appreciate it he respected your decision.

I see this post was 2 months ago. How is your current situation? Hope it's better. Xx

serena5610 · 03/03/2018 03:35

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