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Extra house to be near children

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Baggagebegone · 26/09/2017 00:04

Husband has family home in location A.
Wife and kids have family home in location B where the kids go to school, a short plane ride away.
In discussions re capital split and budget does the husband require another house in location B?
The husband currently takes day trips flying in and out of location B once per week (his choice of arrangement) which seems to suit everyone. He takes the children periodically on hols to location A. He now says he wants another house in location B.
I can't seem to find any discussions or similar cases on this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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MrsBertBibby · 26/09/2017 06:59

He can want the moon on a stick. The question for the court (assuming this is England /Wales) is does he need this.

Unless you're a bunch of multi millionaires, most judges will consider that no one needs more than one home. If he wants to live near the kids he could move.

Baggagebegone · 26/09/2017 07:13

Thanks MrsB that is what I thought

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Lindy2 · 26/09/2017 07:17

I wouldn't think it's essential unless he was having the children overnight at location B.
I know someone who works away and has a flat where he works but also a small house near his child for when he visits there at weekends and the child stays with him.

Baggagebegone · 26/09/2017 08:02

Lindy2 thanks for the example that seems reasonable too.

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