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Preparing to leave

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NoNamesLeft86 · 16/09/2017 23:28

I am leaving my partner. Im taking our 4 kids and dog. Im saving every penny i can but dont have much.

Trying to declutter so there is less to move.

Looking for housing but no landlords will accept me! Will be claiming benefits and nobody is interested!
Not really sure what else to try, or weather I should just keep on trying. Its so draining being constantly rejected!

Anybody else in the same boat? Or has been recently?

OP posts:
NoNamesLeft86 · 17/09/2017 18:12

Nobody? Sad

OP posts:
MeganChips · 17/09/2017 18:19

Sorry I have no real advice but have you approached your local council?

Also, can your partner move out or is he abusive?

Wishing you strength in the days ahead although you sound pretty strong already to be doing this.

NoNamesLeft86 · 17/09/2017 18:30

It's taken a long time to get to this point. He wont leave and he owns the house and car and basically everything. So im starting from scratch basically Hmm

Phoned council but they were really unhelpful. Just said to find own accomodation and then claim.housing benefit but i cant find any that will accept us! Bit of a vicious circle.

OP posts:
MeganChips · 17/09/2017 18:44

According to this link, they may have a list of landlords who accept housing benefit.

If they don't, neighbouring local authorities might if you are on the border or they're not too far away.

Do you have any housing associations?

Lozmatoz · 18/09/2017 06:32

Try speaking to shelter, CAB, your local housing associations. Also get in touch with CSA so he is contributing to supporting your children.

outnumberedone · 18/09/2017 14:11

He can't do that- your entitled to over half of everything since you'll have the kids

Winteriscomingneedmorewood · 18/09/2017 14:13

Can you get a work reference? Even a past job, personal reference and maybe a guarantor?
I left dh into private rented, started with the clothes on our backs. .

NoNamesLeft86 · 18/09/2017 19:45

Thanks everybody. Ive been to CAB already. Who advised me to claim certain benefits now, even before I leave so those are in place asap. Seems to take a long time though.

Council and housing have been super unhelpful.

Ive heard there is a grant to help with a deposit but I cant find any info, other than for those already on housing benefit?

OP posts:
Winteriscomingneedmorewood · 18/09/2017 19:48

When I got private rented my ll allowed me to pay the bond in instalments every month alongside the rent. Sign up to free cycle or similar in your area.

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