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New member recently divorced

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Flamingoesandpeaches · 29/08/2017 20:51

Just a quick hello as I have finally joined!
In short- found out about husbands affair Feb 2016, tried to save marriage until final split in sept 2016, he now still with OW and moved over 200 miles away , 2 kids still with me, divorce came through end of last month.
If it hadn't kept reading all your different posts on here during the last 18months I doubt I would have coped.
So a big thank you to all and hello!

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Flamingoesandpeaches · 29/08/2017 20:52

Forgot to say....been together 23 years married 15!

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Viking64 · 29/08/2017 21:12

Well hello how you doing.great to hear you survived the ordeal it's good for the rest of us still in the early stages dealing with the pain and fallout.

Flamingoesandpeaches · 29/08/2017 22:03

Thank you.....there are still an awful lot of hard times especially with the children ....been quite ill too recently.....but with medication am slowly getting back on my feet...onwards and upwards.

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