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Living with an ex

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user1496926479 · 28/08/2017 22:16

Does anyone else have to live with their ex? I split with my OH a few weeks ago after 5 years together. Even though it was my choice (long long story) I am reeling and things are still very raw. Actually I am devastated. It was an extremely hard decision to end things. Unfortunately neither of us can afford to move out. He was made bankrupt last week and I only work part time and can't afford to rent. I'm looking for a full time job but as my son will be 18 in 2 months time I'm not entitled to any help. It looks like I will have to stay here for the next 6 months at least! How on earth am I going to cope?

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Sarikiz · 29/08/2017 07:08

You say that your husband has been made bankrupt. If you own your home jointly this can be sold to recover his debts. Are you aware of this?

user1496926479 · 29/08/2017 07:39

We are in a rented house not owned. His ex lives in the house he owns and yes they are making them sell it.

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Lyonsmum · 30/08/2017 18:12

How will you cope? You get your head down and plough on OP. It's bloody hard but there is light at the end of the tunnel, so I'm told. I'm 2 and a half years into living with mine after separation and I still have hope.

user1496926479 · 30/08/2017 18:47

Oh my giddy aunt!!! 2 and a half years!! I'm going stir crazy and it's only been 3 weeks! Do you have any tips? Do you cook for him? Do you share the cleaning? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing!

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Lyonsmum · 30/08/2017 19:39

If you're separated then you shouldn't be doing anything! We have separate bedrooms (obviously), washing baskets, shelves in the fridge, shop separately for food. Nothing is done together. I tackle it like we don't live together and I live my own life already. It's hell on earth at times but I have to look to the future otherwise I'd go crazy. I'm thinking of you OP, I hope your situation is sorted a lot quicker than mine Flowers

user1496926479 · 30/08/2017 21:07

Thank you. And I hope your situation is sorted soon too. I've started applying for full time jobs. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get one. At least then I can hopefully get a mortgage. I am 51 so my options are limited. 15 year mortgage max. I really feel for you. Bless your heart ❤️

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