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partner and in laws abandoned me

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Pitterpatter93 · 01/08/2017 01:27

Hi mums. So my partner decided he needed to move back home to "sort his head out" I was completely blind sided by this and did feel guilty I've been so busy with our 7 month old. But he's being so cruel about it all. he wouldn't give me straight answers or an explanation. He's making all sorts of demands when it comes to our daughter ( which really bothers me because I've done it all this hole time now he's making me and my baby be seperated ) he left my all alone knowing I've no family to go back to while he gets to return to a house full of people. I havnt even heard from his mam and dad who I thought of as my own family. I begged him to stay but one day he says we're never getting back next day he says lets take it step by step. How long do I give him to come back? I really didn't want any of this but I don't want to be a doormat either :(

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calculator27 · 03/08/2017 20:55

I don't have any amazing advice for you. Maybe he really does want time to sort his head out. Having a baby is so hard and for men it seems to cause them to act in extremely stupid ways!
My ex left and went back to his parents when dd3 was a month old. He came back after 5 months. He never knew what he wanted etc etc. Then finally he did Confused. His in-laws didn't contact me and it hurt my feelings that hey didn't seem to care if i was ok or not or if I was managing. I was inconsolable.
When he left the second time it was for a woman from work, he didn't tell me this was the reason but I'm a good detective. He still won't admit it. He's engaged to her now ...BUT a year later I met a lovely man and it's going good. I'm a crap dater and have 3 kids - this is a minor miracle for me Grin
It will get better for you either way x

CookieDoughKid · 03/08/2017 21:31

I don't know know why in laws do that. It's fucking shit. I wish an in-law would come on here to explain. I think frankly it's because they don't want to get involved.

Billybriton · 04/08/2017 02:24

I was working away a lot and after I took a long term contract abroad with her agreement to come and join me (when the youngest 18yr old left school in < 1 year) she started an affair with a married man 3 weeks after I got on a plane. Since then she has visited me, we had some good times then she walked out, called me a few days later to say she is coming back and 12 hours after that later called me again to say she is never coming back. WTF? We have been apart for all but 6 weeks in the last year. Never had a chance to rebuild. I know this assignment is tough on her but she said she would join me and we would have had the chance to live together with me doing a regular 9-5 with no travel or late night work. She says she has no grounds to divorce me although I guess my workaholic nature might be a reason at a push. So the question is,

How long do I leave the door open for her to come back?

Do I tell the boyfriends wife that her husband is messing with my wife? I'm certain she doesn't know.

Do I give my wife a divorce or make her wait 5 years. As a committed Christian I am really struggling with this one.


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