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Self representation at Court

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absolutelyflawed · 29/07/2017 15:41

I really cannot spend any more money on litigation.
We are at final stage - deciding re schools - and am thinking of representing myself to save a further 3k or so.., Ex will have full entourage with him, solicitor, barrister.. but I really don't feel right about more of DC money down the drain.
I have been warned that I would be ripped to shreds tho and that it's not a good idea.
Any experiences very welcome.

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Loopy567 · 30/07/2017 08:43

I feel for you. I was in court recently on my own as I couldn't afford for solicitor to be there. However I went prepared as I could be. I received ex's documents late (2 1/2 weeks) but typed up all key payments into a spreadsheet and split out payments ie cash withdrawals, bank transfers etc. From this I submitted a list of questions (it ran to 3 pages!). Because of this and the fact that it looks like ex is hiding money / bank accounts he has to submit to the court additional months of bank statements plus write up a statement declaring that he has no additional payments. Ex's solicitor didn't get anything they requested and travelled a long way. I agree that your ex (and mine) are taking money from our respective DC's but they are too selfish to see it. I tried to get ex to go to mediation but he refused. The court will be looking for what is best for your DC. But I would recommend spending a little amount of money on a solicitor. You need to know where you stand and what you could expect in the way of a settlement. Can your parents help at all financially? If not what about a friend / relative to go with you to court as moral support? Have you looked at the guides for financial orders / representing yourself on the government websites? Have you tried Citizens Advice? They might be able to help? If you do go it along be prepared. Read everything you have been sent, prepare questions and have all your documents labelled and available. Whatever happens good luck. Flowers

absolutelyflawed · 01/08/2017 16:06

Thank you.

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