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Taking kids abroad

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Heatherjayne1972 · 21/07/2017 17:29

I have custody of my dc. He didn't come to court to fight for them
Now he's saying if I take them abroad on holiday I'm abducting them
We all have the same surname
Is being his usual 'pleasant' self or could I be accused of abduction??

OP posts:
CharleyEmily · 21/07/2017 19:57

I'm pretty sure that if there's a court order in place, you can take dc abroad for 30 days without his consent.

donners312 · 21/07/2017 19:59

yes if you have a court order you can take them abroad for 28 days. Anyway what is he going to do - they are hardly going to stop you at the airport.

MrsBertBibby · 21/07/2017 20:21

Are you in England / Wales?

dementedpixie · 21/07/2017 20:28 - do you have a child arrangements order? If so you don't need permission

Heatherjayne1972 · 21/07/2017 20:32

Yes I do have a child arrangement order
He's threatening to go to the police and say I've abducted my own children.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 21/07/2017 20:33

Take a copy of the order with you and don't tell him when you're going away

Everytimeref · 21/07/2017 20:35

Sorry but you would need a residency order not a child arrangement order to take the children abroad without his permission. If you go without his permission you could be done for child abduction.

dementedpixie · 21/07/2017 20:53

That link I provided says a child arrangement order

dementedpixie · 21/07/2017 20:54

A ‘child arrangements order’ decides:

*where your child lives
*when your child spends time with each parent
*when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, for example)

‘Child arrangements orders’ replace ‘residence orders’ and ‘contact orders’ Parents with these orders don’t need to re-apply.

MrsBertBibby · 21/07/2017 22:41

Provided the order specifies the child lives with you, not just when s/he spends time with the other parent.

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