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Support thread for those just starting?

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Sparrowlegs248 · 20/07/2017 10:53

Because I feel at a loss and a bit overwhelmed really. Together 15 years, married 4. 2 children under 2. Joint mortgage. I've been telling him it's over forv5 months, since he was violent and aggressive when I was standing there with the 3 day old baby. He's been refusing to accept it, but finally finally think he's there now.

I think he'll backtrack though, he always does, which makes it all the harder.

So today, one small step, I've sorted tax credits out and will phone a solicitor later. I don't know how to pay for it as I've no money. I'm on maternity leave.

If anyone wants a place to join in, ask or give advice, rant (I feel a lot of ranting coming on) or cry then maybe try here.

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Sparrowlegs248 · 20/07/2017 12:44


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RollerCoasterProteinSpill · 20/07/2017 14:38

Starting on this road too, thanks for the link. See you there, Nottalotta.

moonbeam75 · 20/07/2017 17:22

Best wishes notta, I have violence in our history and it took him a long time to accept it was over too. I've filed for divorce on unreasonable behaviour but his response has been "as long as it's not lies otherwise I'll contest". There's no lies but he's very unpredictable and I just hope he receives the papers in an adult frame of mind. I have no idea what would happen if he contests but the form was easy enough to fill in and now I wait.

Sparrowlegs248 · 20/07/2017 18:33

Thanks Moonbeam. He thinks his behaviour is OK, I pushed him to it I'm exaggerating, I can't expect him calm on top of everything else etc. Theres no way he'd accept what I'd have to say.

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moonbeam75 · 21/07/2017 08:19

Well I see it as I'm telling the truth and the reasons you put have to be about the other's behaviour and why you want to divorce. I think when it comes to violence, should it be contested, the judge would hear them out but still let it pass. If you have dates where the police were involved then use those xx

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