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Timing, help please.

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Ramble · 20/05/2017 08:54

I've posted a couple of times before but this decision making is taking its time.
I've started counselling and I think it's helped me know ( almost immediately) that I want a divorce.
Thing is, my son ( only) is heading into his final sixth form year in September. Do I delay? We will have to share the house initially anyway. I want to now do the best I can for my son.

Anyone any experience? It won't be a surprise for him.

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Hermonie2016 · 20/05/2017 10:09

You know your son and the situation at home.A volatile or conflict ridden house is definitely worse however.Does he have friends with divorced parents?

I understand your protectiveness as we never want to hurt our children.Potentially him leaving for Uni would feel worse if the separation is recent so it is a balance.If you told him about the separation now he would have the summer to process.

My feeling is tell him once AS exams over, that is preferable to telling him next year and then he heads to Uni with limited local support.
Is your H likely to be amicable? That makes a massive difference imo to the outcome for the children.

Ramble · 20/05/2017 10:35

Thanks for your reply. I don't think he will be very supportive of it because of money. Things aren't volatile (anymore) but he may get that way again. We just don't communicate beyond daily practicalities. There is no relationship and hasn't been for years. I feel like it's time.

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