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STBXH away for night - feel like he might have a shag

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PinkGlitter17 · 02/05/2017 10:02

H and I are splitting. He is a member of a nudist spa/hotel in our closest city. He's on a course today in said city, and to save driving there early this morning he went to the hotel yesterday, hung out in the spa, then off to the course today. (I was going to be away with DCs, so he booked himself in, though my plans changed.)

I just feel really awkward that he might have 'hooked up' with someone at the spa and had a shag. Don't know why I'm that bothered, we have not had sex since last May - actually, it was in that very hotel!! Best sex we ever had in terms of orgasms and feeling really turned on.

Is this an unusual way for me to feel?


OP posts:
happydays2017 · 02/05/2017 10:28

You would be a robot not to feel weird/jealous about it, but it's nostalgia and a gut reaction, the part of your level headed brain shouldn't care less, try to block it from your thoughts, it will soon be a common occurrence and you will be busy with someone else too

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