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Financial Advice?

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hatty44 · 17/02/2017 17:52

We separated a year ago and my ex has not been working in that time. We had debts, personal and business and I have had to make arrangements with those we owe to agree monthly payments for these. He just ignored them, but its my address on file and I am jointly liable so if neither of us pay then I am the one who will get the letters, calls and visits.
Ex is now starting a job, 4 days a week (£44k) and the 5th day and evenings he will be working for himself (he reckons earning £300 a week but will no doubt not be honest about this so I may have to ignore that).
I am living in the house we lived in together but it is rented.
I can presumably start claiming for child maintenance now he is earning, but does anyone know if I can claim towards the rent for our house as well? Currently my parents are helping me pay.
Also should I consult a solicitor regarding the debts, wondering if I can get him to pay his half of them too now he has money? I'm just unsure as to whether we should just agree the financial side ourselves and do the divorce as cheaply as possible (ie £550) or if we should involve solicitors. As we have no assets I am wondering whether solicitors will just cost so much it may not be worth it.
Would the CAB be able to advise on this kind of stuff too does anyone know?

OP posts:
PigletWasPoohsFriend · 17/02/2017 17:54

How much do you earn?

RandomMess · 17/02/2017 17:55

You can apply for spousal maintenance if you were married...

If you struggle to afford rent then you can apply for housing benefit/universal credit??

I guess he isn't going to willingly to pay more than the minimum is he?

hatty44 · 17/02/2017 18:04

No he is unlikely to pay more than he has to. Has an expensive girlfriend to run now....
I used to work for the business which did not make any money and is now dissolved. I am currently only earning about £800 a month as I have been trying to keep life level for the children but appreciate I will now need to work full time and look for a childminder out of school hours. Yes I do get some housing benefit towards the rent too.
Can I apply for spousal maintenance myself or is that something to do via solicitor?

OP posts:
PigletWasPoohsFriend · 17/02/2017 18:07

Spousal maintenance will depend very much on his outgoings too.

His wage isn't huge and he won't be expected to maintain 2 households.

How much is the rent?

hatty44 · 17/02/2017 18:30

OK thanks. Wouldnt expect him to maintain 2 households but as he never has kids overnight as he only rents a room, I think its fair he pays something to help me. I have to pay a babysitter everytime I want to go out whereas he has free reign to do what he wants when he wants, and just pop in and see the children when it pleases him.
If I can only get him to pay child support then so be it. I would rather get it sorted and then move on. I'm not going to fight him.
Our rent is £1500

OP posts:
butterfly990 · 17/02/2017 18:46

If the business was a limited company then the debts die with the company when it was dissolved. This is unless you personally guaranteed them eg. business bank overdraft, business premises lease (read the lease carefully if you had one).

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