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Solicitor recommendations in South East London?

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marzipanmaggie · 17/02/2017 12:41

Can anyone recommend a good divorce solicitor in South East (or South) London. Don't have a huge amount of money to spend. Would also be good to get an idea of likely total budget. H and I are nearly two years separated and need to move forward with things. Relationship is functional but not great. No-one else involved in the split on either side. One child together. House is in my name and I'm the main breadwinner and pay for everything -- have no maintenance whatsoever from H and quite keen to protect my assets such as they are. H won't go to mediation. Any advice very welcome.

OP posts:
marzipanmaggie · 17/02/2017 22:00

bumping... anyone got any advice or thoughts?

OP posts:
CaptainM · 17/02/2017 22:12

Sent you a PM

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