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A week in.

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BrieMonster · 03/02/2017 09:26

My partner (of 7 years, 2DS) left a week ago and it seems he'll not change his mind. But he's been here most of the week, moving out on Tuesday. He is seeing a counsellor which I think is amazing, but not with a view to staying together. When I'm not feeling so sorry for myself I am pleased that he's taken steps towards happiness and that we'll hopefully all be happier eventually. But mostly I'm just angry and sad. I don't feel I've been given a chance to save this relationship. He disagrees. And tomorrow he's taking the boys camping (not UK!) with my best friend because her partner is his mate. Great for my kids, really is. So shit for me. Feels so unfair, which sums up our relationship in his eyes. He thinks he's given me everything for nothing in return. I don't think he'll go deep enough to see his misery is his own, it'll always be my fault. He's pretty traditional and said he'd never leave. I suppose I took that for granted. And whilst I wasn't totally happy either, I was sure counselling would fix everything if it ever got really bad. Can't believe I'm following my parents pattern, and that of so many couples I know. Young kids, 7/8 years in they hid a rough patch and some work it out, others don't even try. Life should be getting easier for us about now. I'm so sad. I guess that'll do... I really just came on to say "poor me" about the camping trip. I should be there. Sad

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Hermonie2016 · 03/02/2017 17:36

That feels horrible, Is she really your best friend?

Yes, 7 years itch! You can't make someone stay and in the end he may regret it.Life isn't always easy and you do need to work through issues by communicating but some people aren't prepared for that and it's easy to blame their partner.

Women tend to feel the emotional fallout first and then heal, his time will come later however.At the moment it feels like he is just enjoying 'freedom' but his emotions will catch up wits him.

BrieMonster · 04/02/2017 10:07

Thanks for answering. Yes I agree with it all... but she is a good friend and feels very awkward about it but is also taking care of my boys (as is their dad). I had to drive past where they are in my way home today. I sat at the end of the road for a bit but managed to resist joining them. That's progress I guess, giving them space. Retaining my dignity. Thanks again.

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