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Can any give me advice about decree nisi?

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duckyisback · 29/01/2017 23:22

Sorry if this is worded wrong but I find the process very confusing.

I started divorce proceedings, stbxh did not challenge the divorce (unreasonable behaviour). The divorce went to the courts early last week.

Can anyone explain the decree nisi to me? Do I apply for it? Or will my solicitor? And usually when does this happen? Is it as soon as it has gone to court or later? I have only just realised you apply for it after googling it. I thought it was just given to you if that makes sense.

I have asked my solicitor multiple times but she doesn't explain it clearly and I don't want to keep asking as I am being charged for phone calls/emails and tbh she hasn't been very supportive. I also am very wary of repeating myself to her as I have anxiety issues after leaving my dv/ea relationship.

Someone did tell me on another thread but I have lost the thread.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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AshesandDust · 29/01/2017 23:32

This is from Wikivorce - hope it helps:

The court will then consider your application and (hopefully) grant the Decree Nisi

Once the Judge has the divorce application (form D8) along with the application for Decree Nisi (forms D84 and D80), along with the respondents acknowledgment (form D10) the application will be considered, if there are no errors and the Judge agrees the marriage has broken down you will both receive a letter giving you the date when the Decree Nisi will be granted.

The court then makes an appointment for the pronouncement, this being about 5 weeks after sending the application for a Decree Nisi to the court. It is not a requirement that the parties be present when the Decree Nisi is pronounced and the court will send to the petitioner, respondent and co-respondent Form D29 (Decree Nisi).

If you are using either unreasonable behaviour or adultery and the costs are disputed - you will both be asked to attend court usually when the Decree Nisi is to be pronounced to make your respective case for costs after which the judge will decide who is to pay and how much.

Once the Decree Nisi is granted effectively the divorce is granted, Decree Nisi translates as Decree unless, from this point it is very difficult to withdraw the application

duckyisback · 01/02/2017 21:00

Thank you ashes.

It's all so confusing, I think im starting to understand it all a bit more now

OP posts:
AshesandDust · 05/02/2017 00:02

I'm in a similar situation ducky, only I'm doing it without a solicit.
The forms aren't getting easier to fill in as the process goes on -
I'm stumped on how to fill in the Decree Nisi forms. And there's no straight forward show and tell advice on the net that I can find anyway.
My head swims and my hands shake every time I try to work it out.
I'll really be so glad when it it's all over - my nerves are shredded with it all.

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