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Anyone regret a divorce?

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dm86 · 24/01/2017 18:12

I asked my husband a fortnight or so ago that I wanted to separate and have some time apart. He refused. Accepted that he hadn't been an easy person to live with etc and the state of our marriage was his fault but that one more last chance and he promises he won't go back to how he has been. And if he does then he'll move out. I told him fine but he needed to give me space if he wasn't prepared to move out.

He's given me no space and he's being an absolute nightmare to live with. Swinging from being the nicest and best father/husband to being an arse coz I don't want sex with him etc.

If I come right out and just ask for a divorce has anyone ever regretted it? I'm just a bit of a mess right now and swing between crying/angry/depressed. We have 3 young dc and they are my biggest concern obviously.

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