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Separating in jan

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lokivonpoki · 04/12/2016 22:17

We are going to be officially separating in January, I cannot live this life any longer.
We have 2xDC aged 12 and 9, how do we do it??

I feel like I am going to ruin their life by doing this, but it is happening so what is the best way to do it??
Pretty please? X

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Hermonie2016 · 04/12/2016 22:35

What is the housing situation? I think you need to decide where each of you will live as that will drive a range of factors.

Then decide if you want to separate and divorce immediately or wait 2 years.Will finances be sorted amicably?

Telling the children is usually best done when you know what will happen ad they will want answers such as, will we live here, when will I see dad etc

I separted just over a month ago and we told dc straight away but we knew my stbex would be living elsewhere.Good luck

lokivonpoki · 04/12/2016 22:53

Thankyou herm
I will respond tomieow as I have had one too many tonight Flowers

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