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Intervener in proceedings and disclousre

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samanthamplified · 30/11/2016 16:08


My first post :-)

So, I'm going through financial remedy proceedings and there is an intervener, my ex's father.

He has submitted some evidence, but I want more documentation from him.

How do I request this?

Is it just a letter to his solicitor detailing what I want? What do I write?

Or do I need to request an order from the court?

Please help.


OP posts:
MrsBertBibby · 30/11/2016 16:41

Write to his solicitor first. If he won't comply, then you'll have to seek an order. I would get advice before making an application though.

samanthamplified · 30/11/2016 17:28

Thanks Mrs Bert :-)

I will send a letter first.

For the order:
Why would I need advice? Could I get in trouble for wrongly seeking such an order?

Would it be form D11 to seek that order? Or is it another form?

I'm a LiP on limited funds...

Thank you

OP posts:
MrsBertBibby · 30/11/2016 19:08

D11 should be fine

If your application fails, the intervener could seek costs against you, so it might be worth seeking advice to ensure your application is likely to succeed.

samanthamplified · 01/12/2016 09:19

Thanks again and sorry again to ask something else:

Do you know where I can get a template for a draft order?

D11 asks for one.


OP posts:
MrsBertBibby · 01/12/2016 11:34

I wouldn't worry too much about the precise form, the court knows you're a LIP. The main thing is to state exactly what you want, so

The Court orders that

  1. The Intervener shall, by 4.00pm on the day 14 days after the date of this order serve on the (applicant/respondent) copies of (whatever it is you want, with clear date parameters if it's something like bank statements)

2. The Intervener shall, by (same or different date) file and serve on all parties a schedule of (payments alleged to be made, or whatever it is,)

3. The Intervener shall pay the Applicant/Respondent's costs of making this application. (So you might get the court fee etc back off them.)
samanthamplified · 01/12/2016 11:53

Wow thank you so much!

I really really appreciate it.

OP posts:
MrsBertBibby · 01/12/2016 12:06

Good luck!

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