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Kokeshi80 · 21/11/2016 08:56

Ok, I've just finally found the courage to tell my husband our marriage is over. We been together 17 years married for 11 we have two beautiful teenage children. For the past few years my husband was very controlling abusive to me and my son and very very manipulative. Although I've told him it's over he is still trying to control me. Anyways cut a long miserable story short.
I've been to the solicitor to sort out my options, in a few weeks I'll be going back to start divorce proceedings under the unreasonable controlling behaviour. I'm not prepared to do the whole 2 years separation.
In the mean time, we are living in the same house but separately if that makes sense. Until I get him out.
However I have learnt he has been sleeping with another lady or maybe more I'm not sure, but under our roof, obviously when I'm not there and he has packed the children off somewhere else. Or he will go out to the other persons house.
My question is, although I have instigated the divorce, where does this situation stand in regards to adultry? Is he free to do as he pleases now or not?
Thank you for taking the time to read this

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noego · 21/11/2016 09:08

Legally he is still married in the eyes of the law. But TBH the law isn't really interested why the marriage broke down. The family court is more interested in how assets will be divided and how the children will be provided for.

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