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received divorce petition

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lisaxxxx · 10/10/2016 18:35

Hope someone can help, I would rather bury my head in the ground but realise I have to face this and deal with it.
I was with my husband for 21 years, married for 11. two children, 17 & 13 both live with me in rented accommodation. He lives with his gf. Separated for two years and today received a petition for divorce in the post and I'm having a panic as i just don't know where to begin.
We don't own any property in the UK but do have a house in Spain, mortgage free. It's maybe worth £120,000. It was bought in joint names, I'm scared to fill in the petition as i just don't understand when and how we decide how to split the house (if it ever sells). He sees his children regularly and pays csa so there's no issue about the children.
However, he has got a tendency to be a bit tricky, so i don't want to sign away a house and end up with nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 10/10/2016 18:40

See a solicitor. Make sure that you have a rapport and feel they will work in your best interests. Do not sign anything without advice.

lisaxxxx · 10/10/2016 18:44

I am presuming its ok to respond in favour to the divorce petition. He hasn't ticked the boxes regarding costs or Financial Orders.

OP posts:
SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 11/10/2016 14:22

tbh I wouldn't. I would take everything you have received to a solicitor, maybe one that does a free introductory session. I have seen too many women stictched up like kippers in divorce settlements.

Jr567673 · 29/11/2016 13:52

Defo see a solicitor before sending back. My husband tried to have me pay for the costs even though it was him that left and his earnings are significantly higher! Do you agree to the divorce? Don't be too concerned about returning it in timescale, the court won't chase you for it, you may get a letter from his solicitor about it but you are not breaking any laws. Let it sink in first then make your decision x

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