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court order forms help?!

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crazybat · 15/09/2016 19:16

Hope someone in the know can help me.

Me and ex have (finally) agreed on stuff but it's imperative we get it all stamped by a judge so I want to book an appointment say what we've agreed and get it written up. Is it as simple as this?

We've just completed court over another issue and I don't want solicitors Involved due to money plus they just slow everything up.

Child arrangements etc will be on a child arrangement order. simple enough.

I need to discuss change of name permission (it's been agreed but I want to do it in a years time after holiday so don't have to mess with passports just yet but want it agreed in court so I can get it done by a specific date

Specific issue order?

Child maintenance. - going through the Csa or whatever they are called isn't an option we have now agreed a private arrangement but what order would this be?

I need everything to do with the child listed

Uniform payments
Who books docs, dentist etc
Christmas arrangements
Birthday arrangements
Holidays / permission to take abroad on holiday
Collection and drop off times and points

I know how utterly anal I sound but I have spent 7 years getting to this point and have gone through every emotion and scenario possible and I want it signed sealed delivered while he is agreeing to this stuff (we are due to meet next week to fill forms out

and never go back again so some advise on what stuff goes on what order would be fab, I don't want to pay more than 2 application fees if possible :(

Thanks for reading X

OP posts:
rightsforwomen · 16/09/2016 13:52

I'm not sure I understand.

Are you already divorced?

Why are you going to Court over child residency issues?

I admit I can't help you with the maintenance as we haven't done that, but having said that, if you want maintenance isn't that meant to be part of the divorce?

Child arrangement orders are no longer required before Decree Absolute.

Have you been to mediation, either for the divorce or the child issues?

It would help if you could say what stage you are at.

crazybat · 16/09/2016 21:35

No not married.

Just have a child with him.

However because he's on the birth certificate he has joint parental rights so I have no control over anything.

I have a temporary order and have 4 months to get everything in place.

So I just need to know what forms to fill out.

We are in agreement but he will likely change this in future.

OP posts:
crazybat · 16/09/2016 21:37

To clarify I am exempt from mediation.

OP posts:
rightsforwomen · 16/09/2016 22:19

Oh right. Sorry I can't help. My situation is quite different.

I wish you all the best.

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