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Can't go on

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ConfusedintheNorth · 06/09/2016 18:47

Ok, I'll apologise straight away as this is a long story, with DV triggers.

I left my ex-husband 10 years ago due to emotional domestic abuse, since then his family have helped him continue it. I've been followed on holiday. I've had malicious calls put into social services. I even had his family poison my son to try and make me look negligent. I kept quiet about it to everyone bar my new partner and immediate family... I don't know why, I guess I'm a bloody idiot.

Around a year ago the un-thinkable happened. They phoned the police and social services and said we'd been beating the children severely for the past 5 years... and somehow got the kids to repeat the allegations. None of them were true, very demonstrably not true, and some not even physically possible. Regardless of this Social Services and the police decided they were worth investigating. The police investigation is over and obviously we were cleared, but not before a totally un-necessary trial. Social Services are still denying me and the man that raised them and unsupervised contact, despite the kids wanting it and hating living with their father.

The Council are refusing to follow their complaints procedure, the LGO are refusing to step in despite us having physical proof social worker lied in reports, and we're now looking at filing a IPCC complaint. But honestly I don't know if it's worth it. It goes without saying that we'll keep up legal action to get the kids out of there... but as for everything else... I just don't know. There's so many people against us, and we've already lost everything. They always said they'd make me look crazy and take the kids... and they've finally won.

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Cabrinha · 06/09/2016 23:54

I'm sorry to read this.
They haven't won: you still have contact with your kids, you were cleared in court (it went to trial?) and the children want to be with you.
Keep going.
Might be better to post again in Relationships for support as this board is quite quiet.

ConfusedintheNorth · 07/09/2016 08:30

Thank you. Yes we're raising complaint with CPS too, as it really should have never gone to trial. It just feels like everything we've worked for has been taken away.

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Swirlysunshine · 07/09/2016 08:42

I really feel for you. sometimes it feels as though a good lawyer can make anyone look anyway they want to. Good always comes out on top in the end .

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