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Spousal maintenace

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pinkhalf · 28/08/2016 12:58

I am mediating with my ex at the moment. He is a higher earner than me, earning approx 120k per annum. I earn 36k part time and our child is 4.

We have nearly ageeed everything but spousal maintenance. He wants to pay 650 pm until our child is 7 and then I should have maximised my income. I feelthat this is not fair as I will be doing all pick ups, drop offs at school and will have to limit my working hours to meet these requirements. He proposes to pick our child up from school once a fortnight but cannot do so until 6pm.

My view is that with this arrangement then spousal should be for five years, and thereafter nominal maintenance. My solicitor advised me this is fair - but we cannot agree.

I'm not adverse to earning more and told him I would not take maintenance if I did but worried about being held to a deadline. I recently suffered a prolapsed disc in my spine and this has affected my capacity to work.

We have agreed 65/35 split in respect of the house. I want avoid court but I think SM proposal is too short. What do others think?

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ThisIsStartingToBoreMe · 28/08/2016 13:58

My situation was similar and we agreed on SS of £700 for 8 years to get me back on my feet. This was agreed between me and my ex however At a first financial hearing the judge said he was leaning towards awarding me SS of £1100 for life

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe · 28/08/2016 13:59

Plus got half of all assets

trickyex · 28/08/2016 14:01

Yes too short given his salary and you doing all the school runs etc as this does have a massive impact on your earning capacity if you dont have family to help or want to use school clubs.

Phillipa12 · 28/08/2016 17:27

You wont be able to work fulltime till your dc can take themselves to and from school, this wont be untill they are around 12/13 years old (so my solicitor tells me) spousal maintenance should be till then and then drop in proportion to your salary increase. I think he needs reminding that if he had to do all the childcare he wouldnt be earning what he is now. Your earning capacity is and will always be limited.

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