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Bank statements

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Susy12345 · 05/08/2016 01:01


After the discloser of Form E am I able to request a 5 year bank statement history from my ex?

I am suspecting he has disposed 100k over a year ago as his statements now show nil. Do I need some sort of proof or can I simply make this request to the court to order him to produce these statements.

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Namechanger2015 · 09/08/2016 16:42

If it's within 3 years of your separation (before or after) you can ask him for this. You generally ask for 12 months statements so surely the 100K would show on this statement?

If its within the past 3 years then yes you can ask. If it's more he will probably resist unless you can provide good reason/paperwork for it.

(I'm not a legal expert though, I'm just a lay-person getting divorced and going through similar).

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