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STBXH moving tomorrow

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oaadc · 04/08/2016 22:21

Hey all - just wanted to vent really. My husband has been staying with a relative for the past three months and is moving into his own house tomorrow. It's another thing that has made this all seem very real. The split was my decision. He's been coming by everyday to see our son but now that he's got his own place, I'll barely see him. Mixed feelings even though I'm 100% happier on my own.

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justwantaquietlifeplease · 04/08/2016 23:27

Hi. It's hard. No matter who called it. No getting round the fact that all this stuff takes time to get used to. You may even find it easier if you see him less?
Take care. It's happened for a (many) reasons, so try to remember this.


TurnipFish · 21/08/2016 18:16

My xh moved out mid-july, again, pretty much my decision. I still had mixed feelings about it as we had been married 22 years. I am most definitely happier now on my own with the children. My biggest whinge is that he hasn't been round very often to see them, despite posting on Facebook how much he'll miss them Hmm. I don't mind as tbh I'd rather not see him! Not exactly forthcoming with the maintenance either. I'm trying to be civil about it but not leaving it too long!

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